Alloy L605 Cobalt Sheet/Coil Haynes 25- AMS 5537, 5759

Alloy L605 Cobalt 

Cobalt L-605 (also known as alloy 25) is a cobalt-based superalloy with high levels of chromium and tungsten. It is characterized by outstanding high-temperature strength up to 1500 °F (1093 °C), excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures up to 2000 °F (1093 °C) in corrosive environments, and superior resistance to sulfidation wear and galling. Cobalt L-605 has other less-known qualities like high ductility and biocompatibility. Cobalt L-605 is non-magnetic.


Chemical Composition of Cobalt L-605

ElementMin (%)Max (%)
Carbon, C0.050.15
Manganese, Mn≤ 2.00
Silicon, Si≤ 0.40
Sulfur, S≤ 0.015
Phosphorus, P≤ 0.02
Chromium, Cr19.021.0
Molybdenum, Mo1.201.40
Iron, Fe≤ 3.00
Tungsten, W14.016.0
Nickel, Ni9.011.0
Cobalt, Co*Balance


Mechanical and Physical Properties

Density0.335 lb/in39.27 g/cm3
Melting Range2425 – 2570 °F1330 – 1410 °C
Tensile Strength154 ksi1061 MPa
Tensile Strength, Yield 0.2%75 ksi517 MPa
Elongation in 2 inches (50 mm)55 %55 %
Elongation A525 %25 %
Electrical Resistivity34.9 µΩ in88.6 µΩ cm
Magnetic Permeability at 200 oersteds1.0021.002
Thermal Conductivity65 Btu⋅in/ft2 h °F9.4 W/m K
Specific Heat0.092 Btu/lb °F385 J/kg °C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, RT – 200°F6.8 × 10-6 in/in °F12.3 µm/m °C
Resistance on air (up to the temperature listed)1994 °F1090 °C


Available in Bar, Round Bar, Flat Bar, Plate, Strip, Sheet, Wire, Tube, Rod, Forging Stock and Extruded Section.

Thickness: 0.05--3.0mm
Diameter: 0.08--500mm
OD: 10--500mm, WT: 2.0--100mm


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