Hot rolled products are widely used in automobile, Household appliance, pipeline, bridge, mechanical manufacture, storage and other fields.

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ClassificationSpecificationTypical gradeStandard
Hot rolled strip for automobile
Hot rolled strip for automobile frame420L、440L、510L、550L、610L、700L、750L、850LGB/T3273-2005、2011JX25、JT001-2014
Hot rolled strip for automobile structureQStE340TM—QStE550TM、SAPH310—SAPH440JT025-2015、2013JX103、JT006-2011
Hot rolled high strength strip for automobile structureSPFH490、SPFH540、SPFH590JIS G 3113:2006、JIS G 3134:2006
Hot rolled strip for automobile wheel330CL—590CL、HZ330CL—HZ590CLJT020-2015、YB/T 4151-2006
Hot rolled strip for automobile bodyC600XT、C700XTGL:2009
Hot rolled strip for cold formingS355MC、 S420MC、S500MC2013JX39、2013JX107、2013JX107、2014JX079
Hot rolled strip for hot stamping and forming22MnB5、27MnCrB5、 30MnB5、38MnB52013JX30、 2013JX112、 2013JX111、 2015JX077
Hot rolled strip for oil pipelineHot rolled strip for pipeline of crude oil and natural gas transformationL245R、L290R、 L245M—L450M、 X42M—X65MQ/TB 208、2011JX35
Hot rolled weathering stripHot rolled weathering steel for structureSPA-H、Q355NH、Q355GNHA、Q355NHA、Q450NQR、 Q295GNH、Q345GNH、 Q390GNH、SMA400CP、 SMA490CPJT007-2013、 JIS G 3125-2010、 GB/T 4171-2008
Hot rolled strip for acid sulfuric and dew point corrosion resistanceQ315NS、09CrCuSb、 09CuPCrNi-AGB/T 28907-2012、 JT005-2014
Hot rolled carbon structure steel strip
CE certification for exportS235JR、S275JR、S355JR、S235J0、S275J0、S355J0、S235J2、S275J2、S355J2(M1)、S355K2EN10025-2:2004
High strength low alloy steel for exportCJ500V、Grade50、Q345A、Q345B、Q345C、 Q345D、Q390C、Q420B、Q460B、Q460C、 Q550C、Q550E、Q690C、Q690D、Q690EQ/TB 202-2015、 2012JX75、2014JX20
Hot rolled alloy structure steel20Cr、40Cr、75Cr、65Mn、15CrMo2014JX061、 2012JX22、 GB/T24181-2009、 JT011-2015
Hot rolled strip for elevatorQ235DT2015JX122
carbon steel for exportA36(Cr)、SS400(Cr)2014JX116、2012JX64、2012JX56、2012JX11
Hot rolled quality carbon steel strip for exportHot rolled carbon structure steelSAE1006、SAE1008、SAE1025、SAE1010、 SAE1012、SAE1015、SAE1020、SAE10222013JX24、2012JX28、2013JX54、2015JX102
Hot rolled carbon structure steel for pipeSPHT1、SPHT22013JX64、2014JX065
Hot rolled strip for cold formingHot rolled strip for cold formingSPHC、SPHD、StW22、SPHE、 SPHCB、DD11、 SPHC-DFQ/TB 203-2013、2014JX045、2014JX015、 2013JX40
Hot rolled electrical steel stripHot rolled electrical steel stripTGW600、TGW800、TGW1000、TGW1300JT009-2013
Hot rolled strip for welded gas cylinderHot rolled strip for welded gas cylinderHP235、HP295、HP325、 HP345、Q245R、Q345RGB 6653-2008
Hot rolled strip for springHot rolled strip for spring27SiMn、60Si2MnA、50CrV42013JX20、 2015JX113、2015JX067
hot rolled enamel steel striphot rolled enamel steel stripTTC265R、TTC340R、TTC370RJT001-2015
hot rolled strip for electrical power pipehot rolled strip for power pipe400DG、500DG2015JX114
hot rolled strip for pipehot rolled strip for pipeSTK500、S3502015JX112、 2015JX076