ST37.4 EN10305 Seamless Steel Tube

ST37.4 EN10305 Seamless Steel Tubes



Outer diameter:10.3-711mm

Wall thickness:2-100mm

Length:5.8-12m or random

Type:Seamless (cold drawn) or ERW

Ends:Plain ends or bevel ends

Delivery Conditions: BK,BKS,BKW,NBK,GBK( As drawn, quenched and tempered, normalized, annealed, stress-relieved)As different requirements,It including pickling,etc. AS per Standard.



DIN1630 St 37.4 seamless steel pipe upper yield stress for a design temperature

Steel gradeUpper yield stress for a design temperature
SymbolMaterial number50°C200°C250°C300°C
and a wall thickness
≤16>16 ≤40>40 ≤65≤16>16≤40>40≤65≤16>16 ≤40>40 ≤65≤16≤16>40 ≤65
St 37.41.0255235225215185175170165155150140135130



Chemical composition
Steel gradeType of deoxidation (RR.fully killed)Chemical composition, % by massAddition of nitrogen fixing elements ( less than 0.020% Al total)
SymbolMaterial numberCSiMnPS
St 37.41.0255RR0.170.35>=0.350.0400.040Yes


DIN1630 St 37.4 seamless steel pipe mechanical property

Steel gradeUpper yield stress Reh for wall thickness in mmTensile strength Rm N/mm2Elongation after fracture A5Impact energy ISO V-notch test pieces at+20°C
SymbolMaterial numberUp to 1616-4040-65longitudinaltransverselongitudinaltransverse
N/mm2 min% min/ min
St 37.41.0255235225215350 to 48025234327



Main Application: to be used in hydraulic systems, automobile and in the occasion where the high precision, brightness cleanness and mechanical properties of the tube are required.


Factory test and other terms:

1.Hydrostatic or Nondestructive Electric Test

2.Heat Treatment: according to Standard
3.Surface Condition:According to Standard.
4.Grain Size:According to standard
5.Sampling:flattening,flaring,grain size,Marking

6.we provide bevel end,plastic cap, varnish coating, oiled or black painted to prevent rustand other packing