SAE52100/51100,8620,4320,SUJ2 Bearing Steel Bar And Wire Rod

Bearing Steel Bar And Wire Rod

Bearing steel is special steel featuring high wear resistance and rolling fatigue strength. High-carbon chromium bearing steel, engineering steel and some types of stainless steel and heat resistant steel are used as materials of bearings and for other purposes.
Sanyo Special Steel takes advantage of the high-cleanliness steel production technology in achieving the world’s top cleanliness and leads the bearing steel industry because of its high quality and reliability. We have also established a system to produce and offer steel bars, wire rods, tubes and formed and fabricated materials that match the process of each customer in terms of shape.

High-carbon chromium bearing steelHigh hardness is achieved by direct quenching, while machinability is improved by spheroidizing annealing.
Case hardening bearing steelThe carburizing process provides a tough core as well as a surface featuring hardness and wear resistance equivalent to those of high-carbon chromium bearing steel.
Stainless hardening and high temperature bearing steelThe material, featuring high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, is used to make bearings mounted in an oxidizing atmosphere or high temperature, where corrosion of material is accelerated.
Medium-carbon bearing steelInduction hardening is applied to portions where high hardness is needed.


Product CategoryDimensionDelivery ConditionApplication
Hot-rolled Wire RodΦ5.5~20hot-rolling、hot-rolling-spheroidizing、phosphorizingbearing rolling element、redrawing wire
Hot-rolled BarΦ18~130hot-rolling、hot-rolling-spheroidizing、hot-rolling softening annealingbearing inner and outer race、rolling element
Φ13~180hot-rolling、hot-rolling-spheroidizing、hot-rolling softening annealing、peeling、grounding
Φ10~75hot-rolling、hot-rolling-spheroidizing、hot-rolling softening annealing、turning、peeling 、grounding
Forged BarΦ135~200forge、forge softening annealingbearing inner and outer race、roller
Cold-Drawn BarΦ8~60cold-drawing、cold-drawing+annealing+pickling-cold-drawing+annealingrolling element(ball bearing、roller bearing、needle roller )、micro bearing inner and outer race
Product CategorySteel GradeSimilar to other Foreign Steel GradeSpecification
high carbon chromiumGCr15SAE52100SUJ2YB/T18254-2002
bearing steelGCr15SiMnSAE51100GB/3203-1982
carburizing bearing steelG20CrNiMo8620
direct drawing bearing steelKBGCr15