50CrV, SAE1141,SCR440H,41CR4,SCM420H Steel round bar for Automotive

Steel round bar for Automotive

Product CategoryDimension(mm)Delivery ConditionApplication
hot-rolled barΦ10~230;□12~250hot-rolled、annealingCrankshaft, connecting rod, gear, torsion bar, stable bar, standard pieces.
hot-rolled wire rodΦ5.5~20hot-rolled、annealing
forged barΦ□90~1000forge、annealing
cold-drawn barΦ7~45;hexagon 7~36cold-drawing
Φ6~19;hexagon 6~16
Φ8~80;hexagon 8~60;□8~50
Φ7.5~18.5;□hexagon 8~16

Steel Grade And Executive Specification

Steel GradeSimilar to other Foreign Steel GradeSpecification
USA, ASTMJapan, JISGermany, DIN
20CrMnTiH、20CrMnTiSH、8620RH、8627RH、20CrNiMoH/8620H、SAE8620H、21NiCrMoH、20CrMoH 、22CrMoH1、22CrMoH2、16MnCr5/ TL-4220、20MnCr5/ TL-4221、25MnCr5/ TL-4125、53MnS、TL-VW1354S、TL-1354、TL-1356、20CrNi3H、45、42CrMo(A)、40Cr(H)、48MnV、40MnBH、28MnCr5/ TL-4129,50CrMo4, 52CrMo4, 55CrMo, 50CrV, SAE1141, [various cold heading steel]8620RHSNCM220H21NiCrMoS2GB5216

Steel square bar for Automotive

Round steel bar for Automotive

Steel round bar for Automotive

Steel bar for car industry


Wire Rods in the Steering System
The steering system is what allows the wheels of a heavy vehicle to move in various directions and angles, with little force exerted by the driver. If the driver were to steer the road wheel directly, he/she would have to apply 16 times more effort. Fortunately, the movement of the steering wheel passes through the steering system of pivoted joints to the road wheels, which minimizes the burden of labor on the driver. The most common type of steering system is the rack and pinion, pictured below.


Wire Rods for Springs
Automotive springs are part of the suspension system of a vehicle, which determines the level of control the driver will have, as well as the level of comfort. The spring coils compress and elongate along with the movement of the wheels to absorb shock and keep the car body level.


Wire Rods for Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings are under a lot of pressure, literally. It bears the weight of the vehicle so that the wheels can turn as smoothly as possible with little friction. If a car’s wheel bearings don’t function properly or wear out, the tires can rub against the axle, the rubber can burn due to friction, the wheels can malfunction and cause screeching sounds. It is important for the bearings to be highly wear and fatigue resistant to minimize work hardening, crack and deformation. The innovative production technology includes numerous tests and quality checks to ensure that wire rods for bearings are in perfect condition.