XAR 500 XAR 400 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

XAR 500 XAR 400 Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate



  • XAR 400 steel plate: this grade is the most commonly used steel grade with normal abrasion resistant level, it has extraordinary cold formability and weldablity, its abrasion resistant property doesn’t get weekend when the temperature is below 400℃.
  • XAR 450 steel plate: this grade is a upgraded version of XAR400 with abrasion resistant characteristic improved, the working temperature remains below 400℃.
  • XAR 500 steel plate: maintains formable and weldable characteristics, with element B added, it has higher level of wear resistance for conveyors, crushers, lorries, etc. It shall be delivered as water quenched.
  • XAR 550 and XAR 600 steel plate: cold forming is not allowed for the high hardness, with Ni element added, it is delivered as water quenched or soft-annealed steel.


XAR Steel Plates Chemical Composition:

Steel GradeC maxSiMnPSCrMoNiB
XAR 4000.200.801.500.020.0071.00.50.005
XAR 4500.220.801.500.020.0071.30.50.005
XAR 5000.280.801.500.0250.0101.00.50.005
XAR 5500.350.801.500.0250.0121.
XAR 6000.400.801.500.0250.0101.

 XAR Steel Plate Mechanical Property:

Steel GradeTensile Strength MpaYield Strength MpaElongation %HB

 XAR Steel Plate Hardness and Thickness:

Steel GradeDelivery ConditionThickness(mm)Hardness(HBW)
XAR 400Quenched and tempered3-100370-430
XAR 4503-100420-480
XAR 5004-100470-530
XAR 5504-100500-580
XAR 6008-40500(min)