API 5L PSL1/PSL2 Line Pipe X42,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70

API 5L PSL1/PSL2 Line Pipe


API 5L pipeline is widely utilized in transporting petroleum, gas, water as well as in natural gas industry. API 5L refers to the American Petroleum Institute Prepared and Published all over the world.

Petroleum, crude oil, gas, water or natural gas through API 5L pipeline is transported from the underground to the oil and natural gas industry corporation for further processing production. Oil and gas pipeline includes seamless pipe and welding pipe and has three plain end, threaded end and socket end. Steel grade is mainly Grade B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X65, X70.


ProductLine Pipe, API Line Pipe, Seamless Line Pipe, Carbon Steel Line Pipe
ApplicationFor Transportation in petroleum and natural gas industries
Pipe StandardAPI 5L  PSL1/PSL2    Gr.A,Gr.B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70
API 5L  PSL1/PSL2    L210,L245,L290,L320,L360,L390,L415,L450,L485
SizeOD: 73-630mm
WT: 6-35mm
LENGTH: 5.8/6/11.8/12m


Seamless Pipe

Steel Grade: B, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70

Dimension: 1"/2" - 24"

Process: hot rolling, hot expanding


Welding Pipe

Steel Grade: B, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80

Dimension: 2" - 30"



Standard: API 5L / ISO 3183 Hot Rolled .

Type: Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / CDW

Outer Diameter Size: 3/8" NB To 30" NB (Nominal Bore Size)

Wall Thickness: Schedule 20 To Schedule XXS (Heavier On Request) Up to 250 mm Thickness

Length: 5 To 7 Meters, 09 To 13 Meters, Single Random Length, Double Random Length And Customize Size.

Pipe Ends: Plain Ends / Beveled Ends / Coupling

Surface Coating: Epoxy Coating / Colour Paint Coating / 3LPE Coating.

Grades: API 5l Grade B X42, API 5l Grade B X46, API 5l Grade B X52, API 5l Grade B X56, API 5l Grade B X60, API 5l Grade B X65, API 5l Grade B X70


API 5L Pipe Chemical And Mechanical Properties

The yield strength of an API 5L pipe is specified with the number that follows the X in the material grade designation (in kilo pounds per square inch – i.e. KSI). So, for instance, an API 5L X52 pipe has a minimum yield strength of 52 KSI.

The table shows the chemical composition of API 5L steel pipes PSL1 and PSL2 from Grade A to Grade X70, as well as their mechanical properties.

API 5L PIPE PSL1 Chemical and Mechanical Properties
API 5L PIPE PSL1Chemical CompositionMechanical Property
C (Max)Mn (Max)P (Max)S (Max)TENSILE ( Min )YIELD ( Min )
Psi X 1000MpaPsi X 1000Mpa
Grade A25CL I0.210.600.0300.0304531025172
CL II0.210.600.0300.030
Grade A0.220.900.0300.0304833130207
Grade B0.261.200.0300.0306041435241
Grade X420.261.300.0300.0306041442290
Grade X460.261.400.0300.0306343446317
Grade X520.261.400.0300.0306645552359
Grade X560.261.400.0300.0307149056386
Grade X600.261.400.0300.0307551760414
Grade X650.261.450.0300.0307753165448
Grade X700.261.650.0300.0308256570483


API 5L Equivalent Grades (ASTM, EN, DIN)

Line Pipe Materials: Werkstoff vs EN vs API
1.0486   StE 285API 5L Grade X42
1.0562   StE 355P355NAPI 5L Grade X52
1.8902   StE 420P420NAPI 5L Grade X60
1.8905   StE 460P460NAPI 5L Grade X70
High Yield Steel Pipes
1.0457   StE 240.7L245NBAPI 5L Grade B
1.0484   StE 290.7L290NBAPI 5L Grade X42
1.0582   StE 360.7L360NBAPI 5L Grade X52
1.8972   StE 415.7L415NBAPI 5L Grade X60




API 5L PSL1 and PSL2 are two specification levels that differ in terms of chemical composition and test requirements. The differences between PSL1 and PSL2 are outlined in the two tables below:



Test RequirementAPI 5L PSL1API 5L PSL2
Charpy testNone requiredRequired for all grades
Seamless NDT testOnly if purchaser specifies SR4SR4 mandatory
CertificationCertificates when specified per SR15Certificates (SR 15.1) mandatory
TraceabilityTraceable only until all tests are passed, unless SR15 is specifiedTraceable after completion of tests (SR 15.2) mandatory
Hydrostatic TestRequiredRequired